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Giovanni Bathroom And Kitchen Designs

We are very particular about our bathroom and kitchen designs. In fact, we only do kitchens and bathrooms, so every kitchen or bathroom we remodel or design is going to be spectacular and unique. We have a very special approach to remodeling and design, which is a total, or “turnkey” approach, that is, we do the entire job from beginning to end, no middlemen, no subcontractors, just our team and your vision. There are 10 steps, or as we like to call them, Cadences, in our approach to our bathroom and kitchen design projects:

  • Design
  • Price
  • Order
  • Manufacture
  • Demolish
  • Construct
  • Install cabinets
  • Install countertops
  • Install fixtures and appliances
  • Touch-up

Our approach virtually ensures that the bathroom and kitchen design project runs smoothly, on time, and within budget.

Giovanni Bathroom Design And Remodel

If you are ready for an updated bathroom, or a complete redesign and remodel, we are ready to bring your bathroom inspiration to a beautiful conclusion. We will first visit your home, examine your bathroom, take measurements, and then discuss with you about your ideas and wishes for your new bathroom. Are you looking for a new design or color scheme? New fixtures and cabinets? A more efficient or space saving remodel? A bigger bathtub or shower area?

Whatever you are imagining, we will bring it to life.

We meet with you several times during the process to make sure you are happy with the project at every stage. We use high quality products from reliable manufacturers for cabinets, tiling, appliances, sinks, baths, and everything else you may wamt for your bathroom remodel. And we are with you the duration of the project, no subcontractors or other companies coming to your home. We will keep your bathroom work area clean enough to walk barefoot through at the end of each workday, and we are only finished when your new bathroom is complete and ready to enjoy. Have a look at our bathroom designs and get inspired!

Giovanni Kitchen Design And Remodel

Your kitchen is probably the most utilized room in your home. Kitchens are often a common gathering place and as such, you and your family spend a lot of your day in the kitchen. If you are dissatisfied with the layout or look of your kitchen, it makes being in the kitchen feeling like a chore, instead of a pleasure. Nobody likes scrubbing pans, but if you love your kitchen, and being in it, then the pan scrubbing isn’t so awful. And since you are in the kitchen every day, it makes sense to have the kitchen be as efficient and pleasant as you want.

When you are thinking of a kitchen design makeover or remodel, ask yourself how much time you spend in the kitchen. Do you cook for several people? Do you like to have parties and entertain? Do you just want an updated kitchen, or an entire redo? What is your budget, and how do you optimize it during the kitchen design process? The Giovanni team is excited to meet with you, discuss your ideas and vision for the perfect kitchen design, and then use our “turnkey” approach to bringing your perfect kitchen design to life. The Giovanni approach ensures that you will know the start and end date of the kitchen project, you will know the cost of the project upfront, and you will always know the work will be done beautifully.

Have a look at examples of our kitchen designs, get inspired, and start planning your new bathroom and kitchen design dreams today. Kitchen Designs by Giovanni will take care of the rest.

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